The last part of his life and art work resides in the United States.  During this period, he produced four monumental canvases, “General George Washington’s Winter March”, “The Battle of Bunker Hill”, Emissaries of Lord Cornwallis at General George Washington’s Headquarter”, and “Lexington” relating to American History.  The artist a consummate draftsman, master of battle paintings vibrant, powerful and alive with movement of rearing and plunging horses, marked by vividly expressive figures and faces of both victors and vanquished.  He completed the painting “Russian Merchants at Fort Ross”.  President Gorbachev was presented with the painting by Rhea Serpan, President of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and Governor Deukmejian in San Francisco in 1990.  Many of his pieces embraced wide ranges of everyday life in the United States.

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