Sokoloff produced many important art pieces related to the history of the creation and development of Argentina.  He was awarded a Gold Medal and Diploma by the Minister of Education for the painting “Liberator General San Martin Crosses the Andes.”  The National Congress of Argentina commissioned Sokoloff to paint “General Jose San Martin, the Liberator” for its main Chamber.  His works are located in the Main Hall of the Congress of Buenos Aires, the National Museum “SanMartiniano”, the Gallery Rivadavia and various places in Argentina and South America.  He was commissioned to create a memorial for Eva Person.  His last monumental work in Argentina was The Crossing of Rio Parana by General M. Belgrano. (Private Collection)  During this period, Anatoly Sokoloff produced, many art pieces related to South American life, personality and the vast Argentinean landscape.  His painting were exhibited in many cities of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Paraguay.  He painted many scenes full of local color and humor.

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